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DirecTV commits to Ultra-HDTV

October 1, 2012

By Chris Forrester

US satellite pay-TV operator DirecTV has re-emphasised its commitment to ‘next generation’ Ultra-HDTV transmissions. The broadcaster reportedly says it expects to start Ultra-HDTV in about four years.

Philip J. Goswitz, DirecTV’s SVP for space and communications, told delegates at the recent Euroconsult conference in Paris that DirecTV were “huge proponents of [U-HDTV)”. He explained that DirecTV expected to convert its current standard-definition Ku-band signals to U-HDTV by 2016.

He added that by 2016 all of its standard-def transmissions would have converted to HDTV, and using its local-into-local Ka-Band capacity. He said with standard-definition broadcasting ceasing the broadcaster would have 1 gigahertz of freed-up satellite spectrum available for use by U-HDTV, to a potential 20 million homes.

“Chip manufacturers are making cheaper products. Yes, the TV sets [for ultra-HD] are now $20,000. High-definition in 1998 was about like this, and 2005 was the watershed moment” for HDTV adoption. I hope things are going to evolve more quickly this time around,” Goswitz told delegates. “We are going to want to have it in place and we will use Ku-band for [Ultra-HD].”


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