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Nielsen: 120m US homes own 4 TVs

January 9, 2013

According to Nielsen’s new US Consumer Usage Report 2012, nearly 120 million people within television homes own four or more TV sets – 75 per cent of which are HD capable and just 4 per cent of which are Internet-connected. Nearly 50 per cent of those homes own a DVR, whilst 33 per cent has satellite TV access

The report also reveals that 16 per cent of television homes own a tablet. Smartphone owners officially make up the majority of mobile subscribers, as 56 per cent owned a smartphone as of Q3 2012.

Additionally, the number of social media users continues to increase across all platforms as consumers use social networking as a vehicle to navigate the ever-expanding media universe. As of Seotember 2012, 164 million used social media on their computer, 85 million through a smartphone app and 81 million through a mobile phone browser.

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