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Kenya court stops DSO

January 11, 2013

Kenya’s high court has ordered that the date for the switch off of the analogue television signal be delayed, preferably until after the March 2013 general election. The Judge said an immediate move to digital would be unfair to Kenyans trying to follow the polls on TV.

The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) had wanted to turn it off last month, ahead of a 2015 global deadline. A consumer group challenged its decision, arguing that Kenyans had not been given enough time to prepare, Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) said the first notice about the analogue signal switch-off, planned for December 31st 2012, was given on December 7th 2012. The cost of set-top boxes needed to receive digital transmissions meant it would be prohibitively expensive for most Kenyans, Cofek argued.

Judge Lenaola told the CCK and Cofek to agree on a new date, which he felt should be after the March 2013 elections.

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