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Thailand starts digital TV

January 28, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Some 22 million Thai homes can now start receiving digital TV. Test transmissions started last week of TV5 following a huge investment in new transmitters and the supply of the first 1000 digital set-top boxes to shops in the greater Bangkok region. Officially, full transmissions will start later this year.

Thailand trade association TETA (Thai Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Industries Assoc) said the local economy would be boosted by about Bhat 140 billion ($4.7 bn) as a result of the new technology.

The main thrust of TETA’s strategy is to see some 80 percent of Thai homes convert to digital over the next 5 years. 48 digital channels are planned, split between national public broadcasters, community-based services and commercial channels. TETA expects at least 4 mainstream channels to be in HD.

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