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Eutelsat lowers Broadband prices

January 31, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Satellite operator Eutelsat is introducing what it describes as the fastest satellite-based broadband available in the UK – and at lower prices. The new package offers potentially unlimited overnight data download and cheaper home consumer receiver units. Eutelsat says that the new pricing should appeal to the UK’s 3.3 million “digitally deprived” homes.

The recommended monthly retail prices for the new UK Tooway satellite broadband services start from less than £20 (€23.20) a month including VAT for the entry level Tooway S service, rising to just under £50 a month for the Tooway XL service, which offers a monthly data allowance of 30GB and unlimited data use overnight from 11pm – 7am. However, to tap into its full ‘Absolute’ uncapped/unlimited (day and night) service will cost £74.99 per month.

Steve Petri, Eutelsat’s UK commercial director, says the new pricing structure offers something for every type of user from those needed occasional access to broadband, right up to high-demand, power-users. “But consumers can also tap into our unlimited overnight services if they want to download large files, and yet still pay a highly competitive amount. The new low-cost rental price for the receiver and dish will also appeal to users. I think we are now in with a fantastic opportunity to reach this largely untapped market.”

“Whatever their location, the benefits of high speed broadband, including applications such as film downloads, heavy file uploads and video chat that are now standard user expectations. Research shows that there are 3.3 million UK premises that cannot receive broadband or receive a service of less than 2 Mbps,” says Eutelsat.

“The new packages, called Tooway S, M, L and XL, will be available through service providers from February 1st and will offer across the board download speeds of up to 20 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 6 Mbps.”  Eutelsat says the enhanced Tooway system is the fastest satellite broadband service in Europe. The service operates with a small (77cm) easy-to-install satellite dish and modem and is delivered by KA-SAT, Eutelsat’s giant satellite.

Consumers, if they wish, can also take advantage of low-cost £6 rental packages for the receiver unit and dish.

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