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ST-Ericsson selects Elliptic Technologies

February 15, 2013

Elliptic Technologies, a provider of complete embedded security and content protection solutions, has announced that ST-Ericsson has selected the Elliptic hardware-assisted tVault HDCP solution to support the Wi-Fi (WFD) Miracast wireless technology on the NovaThor L8540 platform for smartphones and tablets.  Elliptic’s tVault HDCP supports the recently released High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection 2.2 (HDCP 2.2) specification for premium content delivery and distribution and is fully integrated with all major Miracast stacks, including Android.

“I am very pleased with our close collaboration with a leading provider of mobile platforms and wireless semiconductor solutions such as ST-Ericsson,” commented Vijay Dube, President and CEO of Elliptic Technologies. “Elliptic is leading the industry in the development of high performing, configurable and proven security solutions based on the latest specifications. Our tVault HDCP technology supporting HDCP 2.2 was first to market and is integrated into numerous products worldwide, including ST- Ericsson’s cutting-edge smartphone and tablet platforms.”

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