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CryptoFirewall for EchoStar

February 27, 2013

Cryptography Research, a division of Rambus, has signed a licence agreement with EchoStar Technologies to adopt the Cryptography Research CryptoFirewall security core for use with EchoStar set-top-box technologies to protect against TV signal theft.

“We are committed to the strongest and most advanced security solutions and pleased to be integrating the CryptoFirewall core into our future set-top box platforms,” said Dave Kummer, chief technology officer at EchoStar. “Cryptography Research’s technologies have an excellent reputation for securing content. The CryptoFirewall core complements and reinforces the technologies utilised by our conditional access partners.”

The CryptoFirewall core is a self-contained ASIC security core that provides a secure hardware foundation for signal security applications. The core is designed to protect cryptographic keys and computations within a chip even if surrounding components are compromised. The CryptoFirewall core is integrated directly into leading video decoding systems-on-a-chip, providing a robust and cost-effective solution that is complementary with hardware and software-based conditional access solutions.

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