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Perpetual Solutions launches MPEG-DASH training course

March 8, 2013

Communications technology training provider, Perpetual Solutions, has announced a new course as part of its Connected Home Academy Certification: Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP using MPEG-DASH.

The three-day course will examine ‘Over the Top’ delivery of WebTV, demonstrating its difference from traditional broadcast TV and Multicast streamed IPTV.

Attendees will discover solutions to key engineering problems in building WebTV services and, using hands-on demonstration exercises, experience the impact of differing levels of delay variation and packet loss using internet simulators.

The latest MPEG standards provide enhanced mechanisms for encoding and delivery, with MPEG-DASH offering a new, standard way to build manifest files for adaptive bit rate delivery.

The design of new services depends upon understanding the new commercial and technical features it provides for insertion of targeted advertising, along with the ability to deliver video quality capable of adapting to a range of devices, networks and platforms.

Course Overview
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP using MPEG-DASH provides a comprehensive understanding of MPEG-DASH technology, comparing it with Apple HLS, Adobe HDS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

This course is intended for engineers, service designers, developers and systems engineers involved in the development of WebTV products and services.

Hands-on exercises configuring MPEG-DASH services, and comparing its performance with identical video delivered through other streaming technologies, will allow a sound understanding of the new technology.

Attendees will analyse the protocols used for delivery using WireShark, obtain the skills to use key analysis software used to troubleshoot application platforms, and the network technologies used within a range of new Adaptive WebTV systems.

Learn more about this course and view detailed course modules. Upcoming course dates are now open for booking:

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