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Sunrise Telecom adds OAM and MPLS-TP capabilities to

March 21, 2013

Sunrise Telecom Incorporated, a provider of test, monitoring and workflow management solutions for cable, telecom, wireless operators, and equipment manufacturers, today announced the addition of OAM (Operations, Administration and Management) and MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) capabilities to the company’s versatile RxT® Smart Productivity Test Platform.  Integrated into the RxT 10GE module, the new features enable service providers to successfully and efficiently deploy and maintain advanced Carrier Ethernet services such as LTE, IPTV and mobile backhaul.

As Ethernet rapidly replaces legacy TDM services, enabling high-quality applications such as business services and wireless backhaul, service providers require a robust set of management tools to deploy and maintain their Ethernet service networks.  Migration from legacy transport technologies to Ethernet demands the complete toolkit of fault detection and isolation tools now supported in the RxT-5000.

Ideal for technicians who provision and assure end-to-end connectivity fault management (CFM) of Ethernet circuits for business services, the OAM features of the RxT 10GE include connectivity check messages, Ethernet loopback, and link trace generation and analysis.  For testing cell site Ethernet backhaul and Ethernet business services, the RxT 10GE supports CFM testing based on IEEE 802.1ag and ITU Y.1731 standards.

 “Y.1731 is becoming the dominant OAM protocol as it incorporates key features of the other protocols into one heterogeneous toolkit,” explained Ken Fridley, product marketing manager at Sunrise Telecom.  “The ability of the RxT platform to test proper configuration of maintenance entities using the Y.1731 OAM protocol is critical for service providers because it simplifies the deployment of Ethernet WAN services, enables accurate deployment of SLAs, provides end-to-end OAM test capabilities, supports a robust fault management toolkit and provides valuable performance management tools.” 

The RxT 10GE also now features testing of MPLS-TP services, an emerging Layer 2 transport technology, to verify that MPLS-TP services are properly configured for end-to-end OAM.  Customer and control plane data verification is seamlessly included in the RxT 10GE module which means MPLS-TP and SLA verification can be determined simultaneously, increasing the efficiency of both installation and network troubleshooting.

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