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Movie theatres consider Google Glass ban

May 11, 2013

By Colin Mann

A senior executive at the trade body which represents US movie theatre owners has suggested that policies could be drawn up to cover the use of the Google Glass wearable computer device that features a head-mounted display.

Current policies forbid movie-goers from bringing in audio or video recording devices to theatres in an effort to combat piracy, but up until now, there has been no outright ban of the device. Nevertheless, Patrick Corcoran, Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at the National Association of Theatre Owners, has suggested that the Association will begin working with its members to develop new in-theatre policies that specifically address how guests can and can’t use Glass.

“I can certainly see theatres developing a policy where you’d have to either put them away or check them at the Guest Services desk and get them afterwards,” he told Fast Company. “It’s one of the things we’ve really just started thinking about. We’re going to have to work with our member companies to develop training programmes for how to deal with it.”


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