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62% of mobile web users do it while watching TV

May 24, 2013

InMobi, the mobile advertising network, has published its first global report into multi-screen viewing behavior.  The study surveyed 15,000 mobile web users across 14 markets and provides insight into the ways in which consumers engage with content across multiple screens. The report uncovers that mobile now ranks first in media consumption among mobile web users, who now consume 108 minutes of the average seven hours of media consumed per day via their mobile device.

The global study revealed that 62 per cent of mobile web users indulge in multi-screen activities while viewing TV, with social media as the most likely activity that a consumer will participate in while multi-screening (48 per cent). Key highlights of the study included:

– 46 per cent of respondents indulge in instant messaging
– 30 per cent reported playing games or listening to music
– 18 per cent reported searching for additional information about the products seen on TV

Multi-screen behaviour was fairly consistent across numerous audience segments, however Millennials aged 20-34, were most likely with 69 per cent showing multi-screen behaviour.  The clear acceptance across numerous audience groups offers a breadth of opportunity for brands that are looking to capitalise on a broad audience segment.

Commenting on the study, Shrikant Latkar, VP of Global Marketing at InMobi, said: “The growing trend of multi-screen viewing provides a valuable opportunity for marketers to connect with television viewers through mobile devices.  TV viewers are already using mobile devices while they watch programmes on the big screen, and they seem to be looking for ways to augment the experience through their tablets and smartphones.”

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