Serbia told to speed up DTT

Serbia, despite receiving millions of euros in EU help, has failed to start the process of converting the nation’s analogue transmissions to digital terrestrial TV (DTT).

A strongly-worded letter has been sent by the head of an EU delegation to Serbia, following a visit, criticising the long overdue implementation of DTT.   And the EU might demand the cash be returned. Vincent Deger, who headed up the visiting team, has written to Serbia’s Minister of Trade & Telecommunications, Rasim Ljajic, requesting information.

Local press reports say that €8 million has been paid out of EU funds for the DTT project.

The Serbians say that more has been done over the past year and that it is unlikely that the EU would actually demand the money be returned. However, no dates have been given as to when the DTT conversion process will be concluded.

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