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NewSat wants Optus satellites

June 12, 2013

Singapore Telecom’s Optus satellites are up for sale. Optus operates throughout Australia where it is the second-largest telco. Singapore Telecom is widely reported to be seeking up to $1.9 billion dollars for the satellite assets which include five satellites in orbit. SingTel paid $9.69 billion for the complete Optus business.

Australia’s NewSat is now reported to be interested in acquiring the satellite division, which might create monopoly concerns for Australia’s government.  The local suggestion is that NewSat would partner with one or more private equity firms in order to make a bid.

It is private equity interests which so far have been the most public in their wish to buy Optus, and Bain Capital, Carlyle Group and Blackstone Group are all mentioned as possible bidders.

However, other interested parties could include satellite operators such as Eutelsat which is known to be seeking a more global role.

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