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BT Sport interactive beer mats

July 12, 2013

The humble beer mat is due to go high tech as part of BT Sport’s offer to pubs and clubs. Customers will be able to use their smartphones to scan BT Sport beer mats, bar towels and posters to activate video content, including sporting highlight clips, using Blippar technology, from the start of the season.

Users will also be able to vote on the big sporting issues of the moment, research game stats, enter competitions and share content via social media.

Bruce Cuthbert, director of commercial customers at BT Sport, said: “We want to bring a few innovations to our offer to pubs and clubs. We think it is going to be great that your beer mat can be scanned to deliver some fantastic sporting action clips to your smartphone, instead of merely soaking up spillages. What better way to while away a few moments while you wait for your friends, than by enjoying a few action clips or sharing your views about a controversial incident in a game?”

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