Advanced Television extends video ad interactivity with Brainient

July 16, 2013

Brainient has integrated its Brainient Studio video editor into the global video advertising platform. The integration enables, the technology partner of choice for many of the world’s largest brands and media companies, to provide media buyers with additional options for adding interactivity into their video advertising campaigns.’s clients can access the Brainient Studio suite of applications directly through the App Center, a centralised place for buyers and sellers to discover, implement and manage best-in-breed brand ad technologies for TV and video. Brainient’s applications include the Microsite facility that users can open within the video to see image and video galleries, fill in contact forms or interact with various social buttons, and the Product Carousel that allows viewers to shop the items that appear in the video.

Clients can also access another layer of real-time analytics to measure and optimise the performance of their campaigns across all devices (online, smartphone, tablet and connected TVs) in terms of impressions, click through rates (CTRs), engagement rates and dwell time.

Trading desk AMNET is one of the first to use the service, creating interactive campaigns for its clients including Disney and Kellogg’s.  Louisa Wong, GM EMEA at AMNET says:  “Through the platform we now have direct access to the Brainient Studio, which is flexible and intuitive to use.  This makes it straightforward to provide our clients with additional interactivity that can make their campaigns more effective.”

Anna Tracey, COO and co-founder at Brainient, explains: “Brainient’s goal is for the process of making video ads interactive to be as seamless as possible. is one of the most widely used video ad platforms, and its clients can now further optimise their campaigns with added options for interactivity, straight from the interface.”

“’s mission has always been to make video advertising simple, efficient and profitable for everyone involved. One way this manifests itself is in the vast array of partnerships we have across the industry, bringing the breadth and depth of video advertising solutions directly to the App Center,” says Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director of Europe. “Partnering with Brainient is another important element that will enhance the abilities of video campaigns, and illustrates further our commitment to the success of our clients.”

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