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Japanese to test 8K in Brazil

September 2, 2013

By Chris Forrester

8KCompCamJapan’s public broadcaster NHK and its main NTT  telco are working with TV Globo and Brazilian telcos to test-transmit 8K ‘Super Hi-Vision’ video from Brazil to Japan.

The tests, according to Brazilian newspaper O Globo, are designed to see how robust the transmissions are using internet-based connectivity, and in readiness for the 2013 FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil as well as the 2016 Olympic Games being hosted by Rio.

The initiative is being backed by Brazil’s National Network of Education & Research (RNP), and uses two parallel high-speed connections to deliver the 7680 x 4320 images.

Brazil and Japan already have a long history of cooperation on both 4K and 8K transmissions using satellite, and successfully carries out test transmission during this year’s Rio carnival.

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