Advanced Television

Agama monitoring for BSkyB

September 10, 2013

Agama Technologies, the video service quality assurance expert, has been contracted by pay-TV giant BSkyB to provide its DTV Monitoring Solution for TV service quality assurance.

Vlad Korotkov, senior design engineer at Sky, says: “We wanted to provide deep content level monitoring on all streams leaving our broadcast centres. The initial demand was driven by the operational and support teams who requested a system that would provide the ability to have a very detailed technical view on the quality of our channels. There were two main factors in our selection of the Agama solution: a single end-to-end QoE and QoS monitoring system; and, software flexibility to allow for future expansion.”

Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies, states: “It’s an honour to have been awarded the contract for supplying our renowned solution for video service quality monitoring and assurance to one of the world’s most highly-ranked broadcasters. As a trusted service quality assurance partner, we look forward to working with the Sky team and providing the means for proactive management of both service quality and customer satisfaction.”

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