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“Bigger and better” IMAX cinemas on way

September 27, 2013

By Chris Forrester

vaderGiant screen specialists IMAX is ramping up its conversion of its projection systems. CEO Richard Gelfond told the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference that the company was embracing Laser projection in order to better illuminate existing digital screens, but also to follow on with even larger screens.

“Laser is definitely one of our [key priorities} because not only will it light the bigger screens but it will create more differentiation between IMAX and other [projection] technologies. So laser is way brighter than even the brightest film projector today,” said Gelfond.

IMAX cinemas will start showing Warner Bros’ latest box-office blockbuster ‘Gravity’ next week. Gelfond told delegates that IMAX was in discussion with director JJ Abrams about shooting the next Star Wars movie “with probably IMAX cameras”.

As far as commercial expansion was concerned he explained that IMAX now had a backlog of some 400 cinemas to equip with IMAX projection systems. “The Chinese market will be as big as the North American market. We have 40 theatres in Russia. In the UK we had 8 theatres two or three years ago. Now, including the backlog, we have around 30.”

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