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PlayKids TV adds 13 new series

October 9, 2013

Movile, Latin America’s largest mobile content and mobile commerce platform, has announced that PlayKids TV, its video app for preschool children, is bringing 13 new high quality kids’ series to the subscription-based service. The first video and educational service of its kind, PlayKids TV now reaches over 500,000 mobile and tablet users on iOS and Android in Latin America, the U.S. and Canada. With the addition of new high quality, kid friendly and educational content, Movile aims to double that number.

Intent on expanding their reach to a young global audience, Movile is partnering with DHX Media, PBS, The Jim Henson Company and Televix Entertainment to bring Animal Mechanicals, Caillou, Super Why!, Sid the Science Kid, Rob the Robot, Franny’s Feat, Huxley Pig, Monster Math Squad, The Paddington Stop Motion Series, Poko, The Herbs, CareBears and Bo on the Go, to the next generation of the mobile and tablet entertainment experience through its PlayKids TV app. Many of the new series will be available across the Americas and the UK, with plans for greater expansion throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Availability will differ by region.

“Each of these shows capture what we’re striving for with PlayKids TV, ” said Eduardo Henrique, Movile’s co-founder and head of U.S. operations. “They’re educational, well produced, and fun for our half million users. Bringing our innovative and interactive user experience to these series is an important step to offering an incredible product to a young viewing audience around the world. We believe that there’s going to be a dramatic change in the way people watch videos on tablets and smartphones. With PlayKids TV, we motivate users to interact with the content instead of sitting passively in front of a display.”

PlayKids TV is a mobile and tablet-only iOS and Android app specifically for kids age five and under. Aimed at a young audience, PlayKids TV is designed around entertaining and age-appropriate content with a user experience designed exclusively for tablets and smartphones. Its user interface is intuitive and fun for children to navigate by themselves and choose the shows they watch, even offline with no Internet connection. Kids can play educational games and watch their favorite shows over and over again in situations like a long family car ride or on a flight, thanks to PlayKids TV’s unique feature of unlimited downloads and offline viewing.

PlayKids TV is a trusted source for parents, easing concerns when it comes to their kids watching content online. Because it’s subscription-based and allows for offline viewing in addition to streaming, it prevents kids from racking up hidden credit card purchases and huge data charges from watching their favorite shows multiple times. And it’s not only entertainment content but educational as well, giving parents complete peace of mind that their kids are watching only age-appropriate shows.


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