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AT&T reports strong quarter for U-verse

October 24, 2013

US telco AT&T has reported that total U-verse subscribers (TV and high speed Internet) reached 10 million in the third quarter. U-verse TV had its second-highest net adds ever and best net adds in almost five years, adding 265,000 subscribers to reach 5.3 million in service. AT&T now has more pay TV subscribers than any other telecommunications company.

U-verse high speed Internet had a net gain of 655,000 subscribers to reach a total of 9.7 million, an increase of 37 per cent from the year-ago quarter. Overall, the company had a net loss of 26,000 wireline broadband subscribers in the quarter; these increased slightly year over year. Total wireline broadband ARPU was up more than 8 per cent year over year. Total U-verse high speed Internet subscribers now represent 59 per cent of all wireline broadband subscribers compared with 43 per cent in the year-earlier quarter.

About 60 per cent of U-verse broadband subscribers have a plan delivering speeds up to 12 Mbps or higher. In the third quarter, more than 90 per cent of new U-verse TV customers also signed up for U-verse high speed Internet. About 70 per cent of AT&T U-verse TV subscribers take three or four services from AT&T. ARPU for U-verse triple-play customers continues to be more than $170. U-verse TV penetration of customer locations continues to grow and was at 20.8 per cent at the end of the third quarter.

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