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bitmovin 2.0 MPEG DASH streaming solution

November 13, 2013

bitmovin, a specilaist in adaptive media streaming solutions has released its new bitdash 2.0 streaming & client optimisation framework, enabling up to 100 per cent higher streaming performance.

The MPEG DASH standard for adaptive bitrate HTTP streaming is designed for media delivery to a highly diverse set of target devices, platforms and screens, using existing HTTP infrastructures with the potential to be able to effectively manage varying (mobile) bandwidth. With the broad industry support from Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Cisco and others, MPEG-DASH is also adopted within 3GPP. Today it is the key standard for streaming media and DASH conformant solutions are appearing in the market.

bitmovin has a deep background in media streaming technology, including MPEG-DASH. The company has been actively participating in the MPEG-DASH standardisation since the onset, and created the first open source MPEG-DASH conformant client implementation – libdash(3) – which is also the official reference software of the ISO/IEC MPEG-DASH. Additionally, the company was the first to create MPEG-DASH enabled media players, datasets, and tools. The company is recognised as a technology leader in the streaming media industry and continues to innovate around the leading edge in areas such as DASH over HTTP 2.0/SPDY, HEVC/H.265, Multipath TCP, etc.

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