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New Zealand digital scramble

November 19, 2013

The upper part of New Zealand’s North Island is going dark, as far as analogue terrestrial TV is concerned, on November 30th. This includes the cities of Auckland, Northland and the region around the Bay of Plenty, and is the last part of New Zealand to switch to all-digital TV.

According to local press reports there are around 60,000 homes still to be converted. Viewers need either a suitable digital TV or a converter box (from the local versions of Freeview or Igloo, or a Sky TV installation) in order to carry on viewing.

A spokeswoman for Sky Television, speaking to the New Zealand Herald, (and Sky is also the majority shareholder of Igloo) said there had been a surge of new customers in each region as the change occurred.  We’ve been busier with the (digital switch-over) looming, helping new customers and existing Sky customers prepare,” she said, adding “They are either wanting a new subscription or are looking to get a second or third television ready for (the switch over).”

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