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StarSat wants 100+ digital channels

November 20, 2013

By Chris Forrester

The new name for South Africa’s TopTV is StarSat, and in a statement the pay-TV broadcaster has said it is targeting to supply more than 100 digital TV channels for viewers.

The new bundles, made public in a series of advertisements in South Africa’s newspapers, show that the cheapest bundle (‘Special’) would carry 47 TV channels and cost ZAR99 ($9.70), the ‘Smart’ bundle offers 67 channels for ZAR149 ($14.65) and the top tier (‘Super’) supplies 81 channels for ZAR199 ($19.50). Each of the bundles also includes 25 audio channels. Extra bundles (StarSat Indian, 9 channels, and StarSat Chinese, 17 channels) can be added onto either of the core bouquets for additional cash.

Decoder boxes are available in HD versions, including dish and installation at ZAR599 ($59).

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