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Tvinci for Israel’s yes GO

January 6, 2014

Yes, Israel’s only provider of multi-channel television broadcasts via satellite, has selected Tvinci, pay OTT TV platform, to create the ultimate user experience for yes GO, Israel’s first personal and social multi-screen TV service.

Building on the penetration of connected devices into Israeli households, yes has chosen Tvinci’s MediaStore to create an immersive personal and social TV experience.

“Tvinci was the natural choice for us, when we took the decision to create an OTT TV service with an immersive user experience,” said Itzhak Elyakim, VP Engineering and CTO, yes Satellite. “yes GO is one of the most sophisticated OTT pay TV solutions in Europe and we are proud to be working with the world’s leading OTT TV platform provider in our adventure beyond the set top box. yes Satellite prides itself on leading the pay TV market in Israel and beyond and we are confident that our combination of excellent content and Tvinci’s social and personal user experience is a potent mix.”

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