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Motive Tablet TV aims for US launch

January 14, 2014

Motive Television and its partner Granite Television Corporation are progressing further toward consumer testing and launch of a tablet TV service in the US on behalf of their joint venture, Tablet Television.

Motive has confirmed the signing of a binding Memorandum of Understanding with Ecopro ICT of Seoul, Korea, a subsidiary of Ecopro, of Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheong-buk-do, Korea to develop and produce T-Pods to specifications developed by Motive for use in Tablet Television in the US

Under the MOU, Ecopro ICT will develop and manufacture the T-Pod hardware devices with ATSC middleware software solution that when combined with the Tablet TV app, comprise the “kit” provided to every Tablet Television enabled subscriber.  Ecopro ICT will provide devices for the upcoming market research and focus groups anticipated in February/March and thereafter for commercial launch in first markets by mid-year and subsequent rollout to all US cities.

Tablet Television also plans to engage an industry expert to assist in its consumer marketing efforts.  Tablet TV will conduct a nationwide market and user research programme beginning in the first half of 2014 to test viewer interest in the service and identify the most valued features.

Tablet TV will be the first complete television service for the US market of 140 million tablet users using the current over the air HD ATSC broadcast television signals, that will provide access to current HD broadcast television content, plus on-demand movies and programs. The new television service will be marketed in cooperation with participating broadcasters in each television market as it rolls out throughout the US, starting with the television markets that Granite Broadcasting serves.

Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive commented, “Motive sees Tablet TV as one of the the most significant developments in television since the invention of television.  Personal TV viewing, whether in the living room, the park, airport, beach, café, or in your own bed is a dramatic change in viewing habits and marks a sea change underway in the television industry. Tablet TV’s product is well positioned because we can offer a complete package of everything available on digital terrestrial channels, plus on-demand packages and content without the need for an Internet connection, plus everything available on the Internet when connected.”

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