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Motive Television trials net-free Tablet TV

November 12, 2012

By Colin Mann

Television software and services company Motive Television has confirmed the successful demonstration of the ability to watch over-the-air HD television channels on an iPad without the need of cable, satellite, or Internet. The New York demo utilises a small six-inch antenna plus Motive’s software to deliver all the free-to-air broadcasts in extremely high quality.

In the coming months, Motive anticipates completing its development of the Tablet TV product for the ATSC standard in the United States and launching it in a first Granite Television market early in 2013, making it possible for users of iPads, Android tablets, and other portable devices to watch and record television programmes directly from broadcast in any location. Beginning in the second half of 2013, Tablet TV will roll out to all major markets and cities in the US.

Tablet TV is a joint venture of Motive Television and Granite Broadcasting Corporation that was formed in May 2012 to make it possible to broadcast live television to the rapidly growing population of tablets in the US.

David Woodman, Managing Director of the Americas for Motive, said the trial demonstrated the ability of the company’s technology to provide stunning picture quality on an iPad without being tethered to the Internet, a cellular phone connection, cable, or satellite – even in a major city. “This is truly television everywhere, using the in-place public and commercial broadcasting system. Tablet TV will work everywhere in the United States, picking up in-market ATSC broadcast channels, giving viewers their choice of major league sports, prime time network entertainment, and local and national news. As personal television viewing on tablets is growing rapidly, Tablet Television has enormous potential,” he suggested.

Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive, noted that with over 100 million tablets in use today, growing by double-digits, the Tablet TV initiative was “a great use” for Motive’s technology in the US market and potentially a very big business for its joint venture. “In my view, Tablet Television is the biggest thing in television since Television,” he declared.

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