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Anti-piracy body rebrands as CreativeFuture

February 19, 2014

By Colin Mann

Creative America, the grass-roots coalition which unites those who value American creativity and innovation in the fight against content theft, has unveiled a new name, CreativeFuture, and announced a growing list of Coalition and Creative Partners. The move coincides with the appointment of independent film veteran Ruth Vitale as its new Executive Director.

“CreativeFuture’s mission is to educate and mobilise the creative community to speak up about the value of creativity in the digital age,” commented Vitale. “Digital technologies present extraordinary opportunities for artists and audiences alike. Our industry embraces these technological advances – leading to innovations in storytelling that were once unimaginable and to expanded online access on a broad array of new, legal platforms, offering audiences content when, where, and how they want it.”

“For too long, too many of us have been silent about the harm caused by commercial piracy – for lack of awareness or reluctance to get involved,” she asserted. “We’re not talking about a couple of kids in a basement – that’s a common misconception. In fact, nearly every pirate website operates to make a profit, and many of them make millions of dollars a year from others’ stolen creative works. It’s the people behind these websites and their funding sources that we need to focus on. Our goal is to unite our global creative community in this effort – from individual creatives, to companies large and small, majors and independents.

CreativeFuture promotes the value of creativity in the digital age and embraces expanded audience access to content in ways that reward creativity. CreativeFuture believes the theft of creative works undermines new, legitimate business models and distribution platforms. Its mission is to mobilise the creative community in support of voluntary, cooperative agreements – with responsible partners in the Internet ecosystem – that will preserve the creative process and reduce digital theft.


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