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Portugal: Cabovisão triple-play without contract

March 10, 2014

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Portuguese cable TV operator Cabovisão has introduced a triple-play offering (Internet, TV and fixed telephony) that does not require a minimum period of subscription.

In launching this new offer, the operator has managed both to increase its service portfolio as well as respond to a concern raised by Portuguese consumers – the retention periods (typically 24 months for pay-TV packages).

Subscribers to the Free 30 or Free 100 packages are not bound with Cabovisão and may abandon the services when desired. The first provides access to 110 TV channels, 30 Mbps of Internet and unlimited calls to landlines, for €36, while the Free 100 provides the same but with a higher speed of 100 Mbps, for €43.

The new offer is based on the OneBox, a device that combines a set-top box, modem and router, which was recently declared as Product of the Year.

The operator is investing €7.5 million in an advertising campaign to promote the new offering.

Cabovisão currently has 265,000 customers, 65 per cent of which subscribe to a triple-play package.

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