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Social Player from Canal+

March 14, 2014

Canal+ Group is launching the Social Player, a new video and social platform, created around users’ profiles, their community of friends and their own preferences.

The French pay-TV operator says the platform offers a brand new personalised and interactive experience in content consumption around Canal+ programming, with a slate of new functionalities:

The Social Player allows users to create their own playlist based on their favourite programming. Videos they see in other users feeds can also be added to their own playlist.

The customised and smart playlist evolves and gets updated automatically with new programming streams.

The Social Player also features a new functionality of so-called ‘time comments’ where users can react to a precise moment inside a video and access directly this sequence when the video is shared. They can then access the moments when there has been the largest amount of comments and participate in the discussion.

Users can now build their own activity stream based on their interactions with programmes as well as their friends activities and those of TV hosts.

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