Advanced Television

Russia will break ITU digital rules

March 18, 2014

By Chris Forrester

Russia says it will continue broadcasting television signals in analogue well beyond the ITU-agreed deadlines for switching off these transmissions.


The Russian governmental commission for TV and radio development has accepted a proposal from the country’s Ministry of Communications & Mass Media to permit analogue broadcasts of regional channels beyond 2018. The ITU’s member nations have set June 2015 for a Global analogue switch off (the GE06 Plan), although does permit some countries (in the Middle East and Africa) in certain frequency bands until June 2020 to switch to all-digital transmission.


Russia was already lagging behind the rest of the world by permitting a switch off date of July 2018 for some regions, citing its internal rules which require 95 percent of a region to be covered by digital TV prior to switching off analogue TV.



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