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Postman Pat delivers copyright advice

April 2, 2014

By Colin Mann

Much-loved animated character Postman Pat is to play a role in inspiring younger film fans to choose official content. On April 4th, pro-copyright consumer education body the Industry Trust for IP Awareness and Lionsgate UK will launch an exclusive Postman Pat: The Movie trailer in cinemas nationwide, adding to the vast catalogue of movie trailers that form the industry’s successful ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ campaign.

The trailers aim to inspire film fans to choose official content and, with one of the UK’s best-loved childhood characters Postman Pat preparing to hit the big screen in his film début, this latest trailer does exactly that. It includes bespoke footage of Postman Pat and his sidekick Jess signposting fans to for guaranteed real movie experiences, whilst also thanking them for supporting those who worked behind the scenes by buying their cinema ticket.

With the movie seeing Pat showcase his hidden talents to the world for the first time, audiences will be treated to laughter, action and drama in this much anticipated animation, highlighting the wonderful value of film.

Showing his support for the campaign Stephen Mangan, who voices Postman Pat in the film, said that being involved in a film centred around such a well-loved character had been a fantastic experience to be part of. “But it’s also been great to be part of an animated feature film that sees the hard work of a phenomenal number of highly talented individuals working behind the scenes come together to create something funny, entertaining and inspiring. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to involve this film in the ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ campaign as it’s something that, hopefully, brings to life for film fans just how much work goes in to creating the films that they love,” he added.

Liz Bales, Director General of the Industry Trust for IP Awareness said that Postman Pat: The Movie was an “excellent” addition to the campaign, as it highlighted the industry’s British credentials and the need for the UK industry to be supported. “With our youth strategy, we aim to educate young people to value the creativity that goes into making film, and this trailer does just that. It’s been fantastic to work with Lionsgate UK again, and we’re delighted to be continuing our partnered approach in increasing awareness of the huge range of legal services that are available through, helping continue to reduce audience engagement with infringing content.”

Ross Cunningham, Head of Marketing at Lionsgate UK, said that taking on a national icon which is entrenched in the childhood memories of so many people across the UK had been a mammoth task, but one that all had relished. “We’re delighted that, with the help of Postman Pat, we can do our bit to help the Industry Trust’s Moments Worth Paying For campaign, in inspiring audiences to choose official content.”

To amplify the reach and influence of the trailer, the Industry Trust will implement its successful integrated multi-media approach across cinema, social media and outdoor to complement the Postman Pat: The Movie marketing strategy.

Postman Pat: The Movie opens in cinemas nationwide on 23rd May 2014. Associated Moments Worth Paying For activity will run in cinema, outdoor and online.


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