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Alliance calls for all-party IP support

May 2, 2014

By Colin Mann

The Alliance for Intellectual Property – a UK-based coalition of 22 trade associations concerned with ensuring that intellectual property rights are valued in the UK and that a legislative regime exists which enables the value and contribution of these rights to be fully realised – has called on all of the UK’s main political parties to ensure that, by 2020, the UK is the best place to start, locate and grow intellectually property (IP) rich businesses.

In its manifesto – The UK in 2020: A vision for growth for IP-rich businesses– the Alliance, representing organisations across the copyright, design and branded goods sectors, calls on whichever political party(ies) form the next Government to:

  • Create an intellectual property enforcement framework for the digital age
  • Monitor the value of IP businesses to the UK economy
  • Ensure IP is properly recognised by the investment community
  • Provide a detailed economic and social case when proposing changes to the IP framework
  • Promote UK businesses by defending them against moves to weaken IP laws at an international level

A survey of businesses, which included individual creators, small start-ups and multinational companies, conducted by the Alliance found that for 98 per cent IP was central to their growth and ability to secure investment. However, many (48 per cent) expressed concern that the Government had not been sufficiently supportive, did not recognise the contribution they made, and was hampering efforts to make the UK an attractive location to base a business which relies on IP.

Richard Mollet, Chair of the Alliance, described he UK’s creative and design industries and branded goods as “global success stories” which contribute to exports, help rebalance the economy and provide the public with brilliant, and much loved, music, books, films, TV programmes, video games, products and services. “However, whilst this and previous governments have taken some measures which promote our IP businesses, it is vital that this is continued and that the importance of the sector is understood and recognised by all the main parties and reflected in government policy. The next Government, whatever party is in charge, must maintain incentives to invest, provide stability in our IP framework, and fight harder for our interests abroad. If it does this, creativity and innovation will continue to thrive and the UK will remain competitive in global markets while, providing consumers with the content, goods and services they love,” he stated.

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