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Netflix: 5 years until 4K is mainstream

May 6, 2014

Netflix is now streaming content in 4K with the second season of its original drama House of Cards. In a blog post, Netflix said that although its catalogue of Ultra-HD content is currently small, it expects to add more 4K content and increase the number of devices it can be accessed on later this year.

Alongside House of Cards, Netflix viewers can also access a number of nature films in Ultra-HD from filmmaker Louie Schwarztberg. Later this year Netflix said it will add Breaking Bad in 4K along with other unspecified Netflix originals.

Despite the ramping up of 4K content, Netflix believes that it is still some way off before the technology is considered mainstream.

“Market researchers predict that consumers will buy a million Ultra-HD 4K TVs this year and even more in subsequent years,” Netflix said in the blog post. “We expect it will likely take up to 5 years before Ultra-HD 4K becomes mainstream; when most of the TVs on store shelves are Ultra-HD 4K.”

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