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BSkyB could fund ‘Triple Sky’ growth

May 14, 2014

BSkyB’s debt leverage is sufficiently low and it could triple its current debt levels and not jeopardise its investment grade status, say analysts at CreditSights Ltd.

“BSkyB’s leverage at the moment is very low, it’s comfortably within their current ratings limits,” Mary Pollock, an analyst at CreditSights, said in an interview May 13th, and reported by Bloomberg. “People think of them as being financially conservative, but their stated target is only to remain investment grade, which gives them a lot of flexibility.”

BSkyB has net debt of some £1.54 billion ($2.6 billion), and is rated at three levels above so-called ‘junk bond’ status, adds Bloomberg.  Data compiled by Bloomberg shows that its ratio of net debt to EBITDA stands at 0.97. John Malone’s Liberty Global, by comparison, is measured at 5.6.

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