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Harmonic distributed CCAP system

May 14, 2014

Harmonic, a specialist in video delivery infrastructure, has announced NSG Exo, a cost-effective cable edge device for enabling the deployment of a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) utilising coax networks. NSG Exo, a distributed CCAP system, allows service providers to move their RF-delivery requirements out of the headend or hub and deeper into the network, simplifying network design and operation to resolve power and space constraints, provide service flexibility, and lower capital and operational expenses.

NSG Exo is one of the industry’s first offerings to support a DAA. Leveraging industry standards, the CCAP-ready system includes DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS/J-DOCSIS CMTS capabilities today with universal edgeQAM capabilities coming soon. By enabling the delivery of video, data, and voice (triple play) services over coax using a single, low-power device, NSG Exo helps cable and telco service providers, as well as business owners, generate additional revenue opportunities by reaching an untapped customer base, such as multiple-dwelling-units (MDUs), hospitality, and college campuses.

“NSG Exo is Harmonic’s first commercially available CMTS and our first entry into the DAA market,” said Nimrod Ben-Natan, senior vice president and general manager of the Cable Edge business unit at Harmonic. “NSG Exo complements our NSG Pro CCAP system by providing a superior level of flexibility, RF performance, and bandwidth savings for deep fiber deployments, positioning Harmonic as the industry’s premier provider of a cable edge product portfolio that includes centralized and distributed access CCAP solutions. Harmonic’s NSG, NSG Pro, and NSG Exo systems leverage the company’s common CableOS operating system.”

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