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Cable industry calls for pan-European spectrum strategy

June 18, 2014

Speaking at the 9th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference in Brussels, Cable Europe Executive Chairman Matthias Kurth has urged participants from all sides of the spectrum debate to work together towards a European-wide spectrum strategy.

Kurth, addressing how best to meet the long term needs of Europe’s spectrum users, championed the two principles of coexistence and future oriented planning to guarantee the security of new and existing services.

“More can and should be done to ensure that the concept of coexistence is embedded in pan-European thinking,” he told delegates. “There are only benefits to all parties in getting this right, but it takes willingness, compromise and above all joined–up thinking to get there. The dialogue needs to be pan-European, it needs to be constructive, and it needs to be timely.”

Highlighting the fact that spectrum will remain a limited and valuable resource, Kurth pointed out that there are certainties ahead which should be planned for: the explosion of video and television demand both linear and non-linear; an increase in access points as mobility grows; and the inevitable demand for WiFi spectrum in this environment.

“We need to ask ourselves three questions before assigning spectrum” he added. “Is the usage the most efficient possible? Is there a risk of interference with existing, efficient spectrum users? And where is the strongest demand likely to be in the future? This, combined with comprehensive impact assessments and clear policy recommendations flowing from the Commission, will safeguard the future coexistence which is an imperative for industry and consumers alike,” he declared.

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