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VDMS receives Apple certification

August 7, 2014

Visual Data Media Services (VDMS), a data centric facility that supports the creation, transformation, management, and distribution of content for all media and broadcast platforms, has earned iTunes certification from Apple to create feature content media for delivery to iTunes. VDMS has been delivering Television content to iTunes since 2011, but this expanded certification will allow VDMS to offer their clients true, end-to-end digital supply chain services. The VDMS iTunes certification is also expected to drive more media partnerships and content management growth.

“Clients that rely on us for all of their content deliverables have struggled with the fact that Visual Data has not been able to create feature content specifically for iTunes, which was challenging given the evolving demand for faster content availability and high security,” said John Trautman, CEO of Visual Data. “Now, with iTunes certification, we can offer clients the ability to deliver our premium quality digital media content to the largest digital media retailer in the world, allowing content owners to optimize their workflows.”

“The demand for higher quality content is pushing creativity beyond the traditional studio community as consumers are looking to access an array of content from multiple devices without sacrificing quality,” added Trautman. “We put a lot of work into Visual Data’s technology and processes to ensure high quality service for our clients, and we’re very pleased to be recognised and approved by Apple’s esteemed certification program.”

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