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Arirang TV extends reach to Opera TV Store

September 11, 2014

Korea’s leading English-language television network Arirang, has debuted three TV apps in the Opera TV Store: Arirang TV Live, Arirang and Arirang Radio Live. Millions of Opera TV Store users are now able to catch up with live Korean popular music and up-to-date world news programs through Arirang’s TV apps, created using the Opera TV Snap tool.

Operated by the Korean International Broadcasting Foundation, Arirang broadcasts news, entertainment, documentary, cultural and educational programming, providing a entertaining and enlightening look at the economic and cultural corridor in Korea. Arirang TV Live and Arirang Radio Live provide live streaming of the latest news and entertainment in Korea, while Arirang allows viewers to catch up on all Arirang programmes.

“More and more broadcasters are launching HTML5-based TV apps to offer a seamless interactive experience for their viewers,” says Daniel Nordberg, Head of Content Acquisition for Opera TV at Opera Software. “The Opera TV Store delivers a wide range of high-quality content via TV apps, forming a unique entertainment portal that allows Smart TV viewers to enjoy great content around the world. We are excited to launch Arirang’s TV apps, which meet the needs of K-Pop fans with exceptional local and international entertainment.”

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