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NORIGIN´s Hybrid Apps launches in Germany

October 14, 2014

NORIGIN, a TV Everywhere Company enabling multi-screen TV products, has announced that Deutsche Telekom in Germany have re-launched the live streaming TV Apps which includes all major content including live Sky Bundesliga. Along with the new Bundesliga season the main purpose of the refresh is to promote the sporting content in a more interactive and informative way. The user experience has been greatly improved with further focus on the promotion of rich football metadata, which is updated alongside live matches. All matches in across leagues along with match highlights across the whole season will be available for streaming within the enhanced TV apps. The multiple Bundesliga packs include separated subscriptions dedicated only to the BVB and HSV teams, which gives users the access to all video highlights and news dedicated to these teams.

Norigin´s application suite is licensed to Telekom after customisation, which uses HTML5 across all devices with a single cloud hosted backend. The native apps now also use Norigin´s newly introduced OTT TV & Video content security system, MACsecure, which includes a unique client certificate, protecting the application suite from unauthorized use. The content security system also features a Heartbeat feature, which protects the content from being streamed on more than the configured number of simultaneous devices.

Gert von Manteuffel, Vice President Product Management TV, Deutsche Telekom, says “A TV Streaming service is a unique business and we are happy that Norigin Media have launched all these new customised apps for us in a short and efficient few months utilizing their Hybrid Apps product suite. We are looking to reach out to the expansive mobile user market across Germany who can easily subscribe to our Mobile TV services directly from their personal devices”

Ajey Anand, Co-founder and CCO of Norigin Media says “We have worked with the T-Mobile brand for many years and are always happy to enhance an upgraded TV streaming offer from Deutsche Telekom in Germany. We have reinforced our application suite to support the sports section and are delivering the UI/UX (user experience) through the cloud. This efficient way of management allows us to be flexible in a fast paced video industry.”

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