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Sky Arts £3m for ‘innovative’ TV

November 5, 2014

Sky is encouraging arts organisations and production companies to pitch collaboratively for up to £1 million (€1.27m) annually on new TV ideas, as part of its broader commitment to the UK and Ireland’s creative industries.

The initiative, Sky Arts Amplify, is designed to foster integrated partnerships between creative institutions and TV production companies, bringing the vibrancy and breadth of the arts in the UK and Ireland to life on screen in innovative, new ways.  £1 million is available annually for the next three years.

Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive, Sky: “Amplify continues our long-standing commitment to support the arts on and off screen. We hope that this initiative will generate exciting results for both the arts industry and our customers.”

Phil Edgar-Jones, Director, Sky Arts: “The arts landscape of the UK is more exciting than it’s ever been, and we want to reflect that on Sky Arts. But we don’t just want to make TV about the arts – we want to make artistic TV. Sky Arts Amplify is about bringing the best people in their fields together to do this in bold, fearless ways.”

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