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Fish TV acquires VSN´s complete End-to-End system

November 7, 2014

The Brazilian channel, entirely dedicated to fishing contents, owns a system developed by the Spanish company and its local distributor Video System, with VSNEXPLORER as a production Media Asset Management for Adobe Premiere CS6 in HD, a VSNMATIC Playout server with automation, a HD VSNCG character generator and a VSNARCHIVE deep archive integrated with SGL for controlling a 50 slots LTO6 robotic library.

The project is based in a modular system, capable of managing all the content of the channel in a Full HD workflow, formed by an Ingest system through file transfer using 9 Adobe Premiere CS6 non linear editors connected to 10GbE with a DELL editing storage of 32TB, 9 VSNEXPLORER content revision and cataloguing licences, a Media Asset Management based in the Spider platform, a VSNMATIC HD playout server with automation and 8TB of storage capacity dedicated to broadcasting, a VSNCG HD module for graphic generation, and a VSNARCHIVE deep archive integrated with SGL for controlling a LTO6 50 slots robotic library and 2 DELL drives.

One of the crucial parts of the project was the integration with Adobe Premiere, essential for Fish TV. “VSN has optimized the workflow between sectors, the organization of the channel and the access to our audiovisual contents, formed by more than 200TB of content”, declared Douglas Lessing, Fish TV’s technical director. “It´s intuitive and easy to use. Users are briefly trained to learn how to use the tools in their daily tasks. The implementation was quick, easy and transparent”, continues Lessing, that adds that “the support we received from VSN is one of the highlights of the project, since our doubts and issues are solved in a precise and fast way, something that is crucial to our business”.

Roberto Calmon, VSN´s brand manager at Video Systems, declares that “VSN was able to identify the needs of our client and develop a quality project that would fit Fish TV’s budget perfectly. They took the time to explain to the channel’s employees, that were not familiar with this kind of technology, how each equipment and installation works, and the solution was implemented in a record time. The results on screen when broadcasting are highly positive”.

Fish TV is a new concept of specialized contents TV that wants to reach a worldwide audience and that is based on Novo Hamburgo, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is the first cable channel in the world to entirely broadcast contents about fishing, in HD, 24 hours a day. The channel has developed over 20 programs made by professionals and fans of fishing alike from all over the world.

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