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DTVKit announces new membership level ‘Product Plus’

November 11, 2014

DTVKit has announced the availability of a new Membership level, ‘Product Plus,’ designed to meet the requirements of members wanting to use more than one silicon vendor.

Product Plus membership provides the opportunity for members to work with whichever silicon platform they choose, even if the vendor is not a DTVKit delivery member. It grants unlimited royalty free rights to use DTVKit software compiled to run on any silicon platform, and as with Product membership, unlimited access to the source code.

Product Plus membership is ideal for any entity that is engaged in the development or supply of products or sub systems to the Digital Television industry. As an enhancement of ‘Product’ membership, existing members can also upgrade to ‘Product Plus’ at any time.

“Introducing a third level of membership means that we are able to offer a more flexible option to new and existing members,” said Amy Cleary, Marketing and Operations manager at DTVKit. “Product Plus allows access not just to the suite of software components, but also enables members to commercially exploit them on any silicon platform. Having spent time listening to our members needs and expectations, we felt this introduction was a progressive step forward for the foundation’s growth.”

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