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ViXS, Harmonic demo HybridDASH

January 6, 2015

ViXS Systems, a specialist in media processing solutions, has teamed up with Harmonic, an expert in video delivery infrastructure, to demonstrate a hybrid AVC/HEVC, MPEG-DASH technology – called HybridDASH – at CES.

By deploying a HybridDASH solution, providers will be able to reduce upfront capital costs by using existing equipment and infrastructure. The companies will also demonstrate 1920×1080 interlaced (1080i) broadcast video delivery using SAFF standard syntax, and HEVC compression which provides significant bandwidth and cost savings to operators.

As service and OTT providers plan for 4K Ultra HD HEVC broadcasts, reasonable capital costs are critical for the success of their deployment. HybridDASH technology allows service operators to broadcast a single multi-profile stream serving their existing HD AVC legacy(STBs and/or mobile devices while simultaneously enabling 4K Ultra HD HEVC capable devices to select the profiles, delivering their full potential. By deploying a HybridDASH solution, these providers will be able to enable 4K Ultra HD services without incurring the large capital burden of replacing existing HD equipment. HybridDASH is the technology needed to alleviate the cost burdens associated with this transition.

“ViXS has been a strong HEVC technology partner and has proven its ability to release 4K Ultra HD HEVC products to meet the standard compliance, time to market and advanced features required by service providers,” said Thierry Fautier, vice president, solutions marketing, at Harmonic. “The technologies being showcased at CES 2015 will be a requirement for any service provider looking to provide 4K Ultra HD services in a near future.”

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