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Thomson launches MediaFlexSUITE

March 25, 2015

Thomson Video Networks has confirmed the launch of the MediaFlexSUITE, a unified, service-driven management solution that enables digital TV operators to process content from many sources for delivery on a variety of platforms, including satellite, terrestrial, cable, IPTV, and OTT. MediaFlexSUITE gives digital TV operators unique capabilities for monitoring, configuring, and dynamically changing their channel lineups for both broadcast and multi-screen services.

MediaFlexSUITE is a central component in Behind Every Screen, Thomson Video Networks’ strategy for an all-encompassing video delivery infrastructure that supports broadcast and OTT streaming of SD, HD, and Ultra -D content on every screen.

“As the unified service operation and management suite for Behind Every Screen, MediaFlexSUITE provides a software layer to facilitate overall service configuration, scheduling, and monitoring,” said Eric Gallier, vice president, marketing, Thomson Video Networks. “MediaFlexSUITE greatly simplifies services management for our customers operating across multiple delivery platforms. Combined with MediaFlexOS, the suite can provision branding and compression resources based on priorities for deployment speed, video quality requirements, bandwidth optimisation, and content customisation. Ultimately, MediaFlexSUITE provides a unified view of the entire operation to streamline tasks such as migrating services between compression resources, deploying new services rapidly in a data center, dynamically updating the channel lineup, or extending file transcoding capabilities with external cloud resources.”

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