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TiVo, clypd partner

March 30, 2015

TiVo Research and Analytics, a subsidiary of TiVo, and clypd, a sales platform for media owners that enables programmatic TV advertising, have announced the incorporation of TiVo Research’s data products, including the True Target Index, into clypd’s product offerings to help media owners understand their audiences’ media consumption patterns well beyond the industry standard demographics. Users of Tivo Research data now have a mechanism to go directly from analytics to targeted investment in television against their optimal desired audience.

clypd will provide buyers and sellers of TV inventory with targeting data and performance metrics powered by TiVo Research’s data products, including the True Target Indices. This information will enhance the data-driven capabilities of the clypd platform for the benefit of those partners transacting programmatic television with clypd.

“TiVo Research’s relationship with clypd is an industry-leading example of how MVPDs, broadcasters and cable networks can maximise the value of their ad inventory by making it available for purchase in an environment optimized for transparent audience-based ad targeting,” said TiVo Research Chief Research Officer Jonathan Steuer. “Using privacy-compliant, aggregated, single-source data to define audiences is critical for optimising campaigns against reach, frequency and cost targets. Using the clypd platform, media owners can enable buyers to execute transactions directly against these audiences and then use the metrics offered by TiVo Research to measure campaign impact and maximise efficiency.”

“The clypd and TiVo Research solution is enabling data-driven TV ad sales and delivering actionable insights,” said clypd’s VP of Product Jason Burke. “TiVo Research adds another dimension to clypd’s audience and data models with advanced audience measurement to deliver maximum advertising and media sales ROI.”

With the introduction of TiVo Research data on the clypd platform, buyers can now better identify and activate their audience using planning and performance KPIs. clypd will bolster and enhance its use of current demographic and other television data sources with TiVo Research data, allowing for a better understanding of specific attributes, such as TV viewing behaviors, product purchase behaviors, automobile ownership or custom direct-match behavioral data, and further enabling efficient and advanced programmatic selling by TV advertising media owners.

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