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Xbox One expands TV tuner support

April 10, 2015

Microsoft’s Xbox One has added a new feature for North American owners looking to expand their television viewing on the game console.

Members of the Xbox Preview program in the US and Canada can now buy an over-the-air TV tuner from Hauppauge and an HDTV antenna and start watching live television for free through their Xbox One console.

The over-the-air tuner Microsoft recommends costs $80, plus the cost of an HDTV antenna. Microsoft says it will build an official Xbox One tuner with Hauppauge over the “next few months” that will retail for $60.

Microsoft initially announced support for TV tuners on the Xbox One in August. At the time, the service was available only in the UK, France and other European countries. In addition to the US and Canada, Microsoft has expanded support to several other countries, bringing the total to 19.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our TV offerings, bringing TV tuners for over-the-air TV to a total 19 markets and helping gamers stay connected to their gameplay, even when they’re watching TV,” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

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