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TV2U: “iPlayer must change with the times”

May 15, 2015

Following the news that BBC iPlayer is declining in popularity for the first time, especially as millennial audiences are turning to YouTube for video around their specific interests, it’s apparent that a new approach is needed to meet changing user demands, says Nick Fitzgerald, CEO of TV2U.

“With falling iPlayer subscribers, criticism directed at its licence fee model and a potential future cull of its portfolio of channels, the BBC is currently facing a crisis of confidence in its position as a ‘pioneer’ of online video. When it was first introduced, iPlayer heralded the future of online video streaming. But as the latest iPlayer user stats show, it’s no longer sufficient to provide just live TV and catch up content, particularly if consumers are paying for it but not necessarily making the most of the content available to them. TV viewing habits, especially from millennial audiences, are shifting more towards alternative platforms such as YouTube, as consumers look for more relevant and interesting content specific to their interests.”

“With many consumers flitting between live TV, subscription-based services and shorter online video content, broadcasters like the BBC need to focus on innovating their entertainment services in line with changing appetites. By partnering with alternative cloud entertainment services and technology providers, broadcasters can fight against the changing TV tides and remain relevant in an ever-evolving market.”

“Modern IP-based streaming services provide the best of both worlds – VoD, paid-for and live TV services, as well as the ability for users to access personal content channels based on their individual preferences. And if users know they’re only paying for what they want to watch, when they want to watch it, that makes the difference between switching onto a new network, or switching off for good.”

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