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Woody Allen: Amazon deal “catastrophic mistake”

May 18, 2015

Woody Allen regrets at agreeing to create exclusive programming for Amazon Prime TV. Speaking at a Cannes Film Festival event for his new movie, Irrational Man, Allen shared his misgivings for the six episode deal.

“It was a catastrophic mistake for me,” Allen said.  “I’m struggling with it at home. I never should have gotten into it. I thought it was going to be easy. You do a movie and it’s a big long thing; to do six half-hours you’d think would be a cinch. But it’s not: it’s very, very hard.”

Allen went on to say that he was “floundering” with the medium, and that he expected the show to be “a cosmic embarrassment”.

In a separate interview, the actor, writer and director admitted that he hadn’t heard of Amazon until recently and wasn’t aware what a streaming service is.  “I don’t own a computer,” he told Deadline. “I’ve never seen anything online at all – nothing. I don’t own a word processor. I have none of that stuff. It’s not an act of rebellion. I’m just not a gadget person.”

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