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100,000 decoder order for Nigeria

July 2, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Lagos Nigeria broadcaster TV Continental has bought 100,000 satellite decoders for distribution nationwide.

TV Continental, already highly-regarded for its TVC News channel, says the move is to ensure consumers do not miss out as the nation slowly transitions from analogue to digital TV.

Deputy CEO of TVC, Lemi Olalemi, said, “While 100,000 might seem small when compared to the nationwide need, every little bit that can be done at this stage matters. The actions of TVC in making this bold step brings to the forefront the critical need to keep consumers aware of the implications of digital migration and make them aware that they have a choice in their selection of a pay-tv provider”.  He further said; “TVC is committed to transitioning Nigerians to digital TV with the distribution of CONSAT decoders.”

CEO of CONSAT, Mayo Okunola, said; “we are excited about the opportunity to work with TVC to distribute our set top boxes throughout Nigeria. It forms part of our strategy to contribute to Nigeria’s digital migration process by the provision of affordable digital television for everyone”. Okunola continued by saying, “it is important to note that the overall benefits of digital migration is equal access to information and entertainment which is key to the development of the average Nigerian household”.

The decoder offer launches on July 8th, and will be supplied on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Successful applicants can then collect their decoders from designated pick-up points throughout the nation.

TV Continental’s TVC News channel is already widely distributed throughout Africa and beyond. It is carried by Sky UK, for example. It only went live in February 2013 and is now also carried by Nasper/Multichoice’s DStv, and StarGroup. Its CEO is former Al Jazeera English head Nigel Parsons.

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