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Edgeware VCP for CableLabs

July 8, 2015

Edgeware, a specialist in video delivery networks, has announced its drive for innovation by modelling industry interoperability for IP video delivery networks. Edgeware’s Video Consolidation Platform (VCP) is hosted in the CableLabs’ IPTV Innovations laboratory for cable operators and others to test-drive. In addition, the company recently worked with a number of industry players to demonstrate compliance with CableLabs’ Adaptive Transport Stream (ATS) interoperability specifications.

“As customers continue to demand TV everywhere, and à la carte content offerings, pay-TV providers need to rely on HTTP-based adaptive bit rate streaming technologies to deliver expanded video services to a large number of devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and legacy STBs,” said Margit Tritt, business development executive of Edgeware. “This is why we offered our solution to CableLabs to serve as a resource in demonstrating how cable companies can cost-effectively deliver what the industry is demanding.”

Edgeware’s VCP is now available in the CableLabs’ IPTV Innovations Lab. Located in Louisville, Colorado, the facility demonstrates interoperability among multiple components for an IP video delivery network, including support for ABR (adaptive bit rate) streaming. The Lab models a real IPTV delivery network to establish a successful ecosystem and to provide a test bed for a multi-vendor environment.

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